For 16-Year-Olds Who Passed Written Driving Test:

  1. Submit Contact Form
  2. Hickory Driving School Calls within 24 Hours.
  3. 16-Year-Old students must be sponsored by a driving school to purchase a permit.
  4. Make Appointment at Hickory Driving School Office.

    Information Needed:

    • Original Birth Certificate with Raised Seal or Valid Passport
    • Blue Card Passed Written Test
    • Social Security Number
    • Parent’s Driver’s License
    • Corrective Lenses if needed
  5. Complete Eye Test
  6. Acquire Permit
  7. Hickory Driving School Agent assigns Driving Instructor
  8. Driving Instructor contacts student to set up driving lessons
  9. Validates learner’s permit if skills and time allow
  10. Parent requests Insurance Discount Certificate